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Apple has complicated the procedure of hacking iPhone iOS 11.3

Apple was unable to find a security hole that developers use GrayKey for the iPhone. But the company could complicate the process in iOS 11.3.

Buyers GrayKey received a message from the Linwood Thomas, who once worked at Apple, and now helps to develop a hacking device of the iPhone. He wrote that, beginning with iOS 11.3, the system saves the last time you unlock the phone and when the device was connected to the accessory or computer. If it did not happen again after seven days, the Lightning port is automatically disabled. To activate it, have to enter a password.

So Apple wants to protect iPhone users from hacking. The fact that GrayKey require a connection to the smartphone via the Lightning port. Thereafter, selection of a password. If on iPhone installed a six-digit code GrayKey will take a few days to guess it. Four digit password, the device will guess in a few hours.

GrayKey sold in two versions. Younger is $ 15 000, while it operates with serious limitations. The older model is sold for $ 30,000 and can hack into an iPhone without an Internet connection. It is known that the device is massively purchased by the American police and the FBI.

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