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Apple has closed the vulnerability WPA2

According to the chief editor of iMore Rene Ritchie, Apple has closed the vulnerability WPA2 Wi-Fi KRACK submitted October 16, beta versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

On 15 October it became known about the error of WPA2 authentication Protocol used by most modern wireless networks.

Armed with several of its conceptual flaws, hackers were able to infiltrate the used algorithm is a four-sided “handshake”. This mechanism is used for authentication every time the client connects to the protected network. During the handshake, the access point and the client form a key that is then used to encrypt and secure traffic.

This allowed hackers to easily decrypt traffic, Internet packet sniffing, theft of a TCP connection, spoofing the HTTP content, and so on. Simply put, WPA2 is now completely useless and does not protect the wireless connection.

Ritchie also noted that the AirPort base station, including Express, Extreme and Time Capsule, most likely, will not be affected. For use KRACK Wi-Fi, an attacker must use the affected router and the client device. If your iPhone, iPad or Mac are not affected by this error, it doesn’t matter whether the AirPort is vulnerable. The security researchers recommend to update all their devices to the latest firmware version as soon as possible.

Microsoft has fixed a similar vulnerability in the Windows 10 update, published last Tuesday, October 10.

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