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Apple has closed the boutique selling the Apple Watch in an expensive Parisian Department store Galeries Lafayette

Apple has closed the boutique selling “smart” watches Apple Watch in Paris. The outlet was located in the flagship store of the French network of the Galeries Lafayette at Boulevard Haussmann. The decision followed a rejection of the premium collection of branded, wearable computers.

After the launch of Apple Watch first generation Apple launched at the “smart” hours on the first floor of the Department store, considered the most expensive in France. The Central shop in Galeries Lafayette was supervised personally by the head of Department retail and online sales Angela Ahrendts Apple.

Boutique Apple Watch was in the Paris equivalent of Gum — passage with a glass dome Jacques Gruber and decor in art Nouveau style, which was opened in 1912. At the moment, the point Apple is behind the scenery.

Care Apple market for premium smart watch, according to analysts, can be seen as evidence of the failure of one of the strategic directions of the companies. Cupertinos removed from sale premium Apple Watch collection and now closed flagship boutiques selling chronometers. In addition to commercial outlets in Paris, the company got rid of the premium store selling smart watches in London. The fate of the Apple boutique in Tokyo is not yet resolved.

Apple is no longer trying to play on-site Rolex, Breguet and Patek Philippe. Despite all the ambitions of the company, the waiver of premium Apple Watch is, in a sense, a miscalculation of the Corporation. Marketers Apple, perhaps for the first time in history made a real blunder.

The second generation Apple Watch was released with a focus on fitness. And premium models presented, only model in a ceramic package cost 120, 000. the technology itself is not always critical. And not always win. This is an interesting and important lesson for major IT corporations.

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