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Apple has closed iOS 9.0.2 vulnerability that allows to bypass passcode lock using Siri

In the iOS update 9.0.2 closed a dangerous vulnerability that allows to bypass the lock screen and gain access to data smartphone. It is reported portal MacRumors.

In released 30 September update, Apple has fixed the security gap. In particular, a potential attacker could gain access to photos or contacts, even if your iPhone is protected by password or Touch ID. Other files such as videos, messages, the vulnerability does not affect.

The process of unlock the phone consists of several steps. After manipulation of the enter the wrong password, the interactions with voice assistant Siri and other actions the attacker opens the Messages app, where you can receive contacts data. The “Contacts” section, in turn, refers to the photo gallery to select a userpic to the destination, thus it becomes possible to access data stored on the device photos.

The iPhone user can protect themselves against the vulnerability by disabling access from the lock screen to Siri in the settings or by installing fresh iOS update 9.0.2.

The second update for the operating system iOS 9 was released two weeks after the main release. Like the previous iOS 9.0.1 is the latest update does not add to the existing set of features and capabilities is nothing new, but fixes several critical bugs. In particular, in iOS 9.0.2 solved the problem with the option to enable cellular data, as well as established the iMessage service, iCloud and Podcasts.

In parallel, Apple has released the official release of the operating system OS X El Capitan, which eliminated about 100 vulnerabilities. At the same time the developers and beta testers were offered iOS 9.1 beta 3 with new emoticons and improved stability.

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