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Apple has closed 84 vulnerabilities in iOS and macOS 10.3.3 Sierra 10.12.6

On Wednesday, Apple released updates operating systems for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. In total the company has eliminated 138 10.3.3 vulnerability in iOS, macOS Sierra 10.12.6, tvOS 10.2.2 and watchOS 3.2.3, among which 84 are from mobile and desktop platform.

In the framework of the planned issue security patches Apple has fixed multiple vulnerabilities in all supported versions of their operating systems. In particular, in addition to various improvements on the level of functionality, macOS 10.12.6 includes fixes for 37 vulnerabilities. Apple eliminated the gaps, can reveal important data and bypass security restrictions.

Most of the fixed vulnerabilities allow a remote user to execute arbitrary code on the target system. In addition to vulnerabilities in macOS code was also updated third party libraries.

The iOS update 10.3.3 were closed 47 “holes” of security, including vulnerabilities in WebKit, the Safari browser and the operating system kernel. Most fixed vulnerabilities also allow the execution of arbitrary code.

Also eliminated dangerous vulnerability CVE-2017-9417 present in the chips of Broadcom BCM4354, 4358, 4359 and allows remote code execution via Wi-Fi network. In the case of hacking, the user may lose control over the iOS device and the data it stores.

The operating system for “smart” watches watch OS is also not without vulnerabilities. In the update Apple has eliminated 16 holes, and tvOS 10.2.2 was resolved 38 bugs.

MacDigger recommends that users install patches from Apple in the shortest possible time, to avoid problems due to vulnerabilities.

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