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Apple has closed 37 vulnerabilities in the update watchOS 2.0

After every release of a new Apple gadget, the hacker community is preparing tools to jailbreak. With their help, users can bypass the operating system to install unofficial apps and tweaks are not admitted to the official app catalog.

On Monday Apple released a new version of the operating system watchOS for smart watches Apple Watch, which along with the addition of new functionality fixed a total of 37 vulnerabilities. According to experts, this patch reduces the chances of an early release tools to jailbreak the wearable computer Apple.

Specialists have said The Register, among other vulnerabilities in watchOS 2.0 have been fixed the “hole” of security, the operation of which opened the possibility for remote code execution through the use of malicious web pages, text and audio files. Also fixed a bug in the system Apple Pay, allowing the terminal to view our recently completed transactions, even if no purchase was made, and the breach in CoreCrypto, which allowed attackers to decrypt the private key of the user.

Other fixed vulnerabilities could allow an attacker with physical access to the Apple Watch, to view application data and information of kernel memory. In addition, eliminated loopholes that allowed malicious application to elevate privileges.

Original release watchOS 2 was scheduled for September 16 – the same day as the release of iOS 9. However, in connection with the discovery of a vulnerability in the new version of firmware for the Apple Watch, the release was delayed.

Why do you need to jailbreak the Apple Watch and that will get the user after the liberation from the constraints? In fact, reasons to be free from “slavery” a lot. Including new themes, improved autonomy, flexible configuration called the taptic Engine, the music playback using the built-in speaker, web surfing and other functions. More about this can be found in this article.

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