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Apple has bought German company SensoMotoric, specializing in technologies for tracking gaze

Apple has bought German company SensoMotoric Instruments, specializing in smart glasses and tracking systems look. The transaction took place through a fictitious company Vineyard Capital Corporation.

Company SensoMotoric was founded in 1991. She has developed a system to capture a glance that can be integrated into any device virtual reality, including Oculus Rift and Playstation VR.

Apple became the owner of SensoMotoric through shell firm Vineyard Capital Corporation. The owner cleaned the Vice-President of worldwide joint law Apple gin Levoff. The top Manager of the company a notary to witness the transaction document in Cupertino (California, USA), where is located the headquarters of Apple. Thus, it is Vineyard Capital Corporation is the owner of SensoMotoric Instruments, though, it has value only on paper.

The company from Cupertino indirectly confirmed the deal: “from Time to time, Apple acquires IT company, however we do not comment on our goals and future plans.”

SensoMotoric had been removed from their web site mentions product, section vakanski, schedule of events, seminars and news. In service support of the company don’t answer your phone.

During the existence of the SensoMotoric introduced hardware and software to track the direction of view, which can be used for device augmented and virtual reality, as well as automotive systems and fields related to neuroscience.

SensoMotoric has already released smart glasses, which can capture a person’s gaze in real-time with frequencies up to 120 Hz.

Given the numerous rumors about Apple’s plans to unveil a brand new AR product, the purchase of relevant experts is quite a logical step.

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