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Apple has blocked updates to the Telegram

On may 30 the official website of the Telegram in the FAQ section, it was reported that Apple blocks the updates of the messenger already from mid-April 2018. What’s the matter?

Interestingly, Android users are coming in updates. For example, recently the app got support for the security Protocol GDPR thanks to new EU rules. Even before the innovation associated with Proxy and bypass locks.

IPhone and iPad all muffled, although the owners of Mac updates arrive quite often. There was an assumption that Apple is trying to sit on two chairs at once: and not to remove Telegram from the App Store and to avoid blocking in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Recently Roskomnadzor asked the company to remove the messenger from the digital store and to prohibit Telegram to send push notifications through which the service is still running. The Agency has threatened to block in case of failure.

The app is trying to block Russia from April 16 – just when he was denied the upgrade. According to the official ban on the use of Telegram is associated with the terrorist threat.

Earlier Telegram and Telegram X was removed from the App Store on the day. It happened in February 2018 because of the presence of any invalid data.

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