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Apple has blocked the work of the Reserve strap Strap for Apple Watch using the engineering port hours

After the start of sales of smart watches Apple Watch, on their body was discovered hidden 6-pin diagnostic connector. Craftsmen found out that the battery charging gadget by means of this port is slightly faster than when using the supplied charger. After this, the company Reserve Strap has developed a special strap with an extra battery for the Apple Watch, which also serves as a “gatekeeper” when connecting charging.

According to the authors of the project, this method has higher reliability, can increase capacity is integrated into the strap of the battery, does not interfere with the heart rate sensor, Apple Watch and does not degrade the haptic feedback provided by actuator called the taptic Engine. Reserve Strap was to increase the autonomy of hours at about 150%. But Apple decided that such a device to market and have made changes in 2.0.1 watchOS, which block the work of the accessory.

Reserve Strap collecting pre-orders for his invention for six months. Why Cupertino couldn’t make it earlier to publish this decision, as the developers of the strap in a few weeks will begin shipping the first buyers. Unfortunately, the device is now limited to those who are willing to abandon updates watchOS.

It is not excluded that in the future Apple will make changes to the MFi program and will enable manufacturers to create accessories using an engineering port for charging portable computer. While this possibility is blocked.

There is another option — Apple decided that such functionality will be useful for them to issue their own straps, so third-party companies, such opportunities are available will no longer.

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