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Apple has blocked the Pangu jailbreak in iOS update 9.3.4

Apple has eliminated the vulnerability to jailbreak the iOS 9.3.4, released on Thursday, 4 August. The company has blocked the work created by Chinese hackers Pangu exploit.

As told by iOS developer Luke Todesco, 9.3.4 update iOS can not be jailbroken with existing tools Pangu. According to him, the vulnerabilities Apple has closed iOS 10 and now moved it to the previous version of its software platform.

iOS 9.3.4 was released three weeks after the previous release. In iOS 9.3.3, recall, Apple has optimized code, and improved performance and fixed a number of flaws and problems found in previous versions of iOS 9.3. Today’s patch is aimed solely at blocking the exploit Pangu used to jailbreak the iPhone and iPad.

It is quite obvious that Apple is well aware of the situation with the jailbreak, so could not leave open iOS 9 jailbreak-vulnerabilities. Previously, the company has endured thanks Pangu for identifying “holes” in security.

After upgrading to iOS 9.3.4 the iPhone and iPad will not be able to install it on your device Cydia. It will take time before hackers will release an updated solution (if any) to engage in the creation of the exploit. Most likely, they will work on iOS 10. It is necessary to consider this fact before you put a fresh update.

Anyone who expects to use Cydia, it is advisable right now to upgrade to the latest stable iOS version 9.3.3 and jailbreak according to the instructions on this page.

Currently, Apple still signs iOS 9.3.3, so everyone has the opportunity to jailbreak. Soon the window will close and the possibility to install the OS will be gone.

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