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Apple has blocked access to Apple’s News in China at the government’s request

Apple has blocked in China access to news Apple News. This was written by blogger Larry Salibra, who travelled from Hong Kong to mainland China.

“They have limited access to news content that I purchased in the USA and stored on my device. This happened even before I was in China, just because my phone was connected to the Chinese cellular network,” writes the blogger.

Apple gave no official comment but unofficially confirmed that Apple has disabled News in mainland China at the request of the government.

“Apple has disabled news app in China, said a person familiar with the situation. – the newspaper writes. – This is another sign of how foreign companies have to obey the prohibitions of the Chinese government that seek to limit freedom in the Network. U.S. residents who have downloaded the app and registered their phones in the States are free to view content in other countries. But when entering China access to the application will be closed. News app will cease to receive news and shows the message: “cannot update the content. News are not supported in the current region.”

Saliba believes that it is an alarming sign for all users. Apple made concessions to China, agreeing to block access to the content. But “Apple” gadgets are largely tied to cloud services. At one point people might lose access to their data and even to mobile devices.

“As Apple devices become increasingly tied to cloud services, they get all the new restrictions. There is a risk that at one point, Beijing’s policy will change and the company will be forced to disable other services as well. Or Apple will have to make a decision that will go against the interests of their clients in other parts of the globe threatened to leave the market just as it happened with Google”, – the blogger writes.

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