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Apple has begun selling drone DJI Phantom 4, speeds up to 72 km/h [video]

Apple has exclusive rights to sell the new generation drones DJI Phantom 4. Apple Store will become the only stores where you can purchase the device than the official outlets of the company DJI.

Phantom 4 — new version of the popular drone, submitted 1 March 2016. Equipped with a video camera drone is capable of speeds up to 72 kilometers per hour and to follow the marked people, while avoiding collisions with obstacles thanks to the front sensors. Over 70% of American companies that use drones in their commercial activities, made a choice in favor of DJI.

“Confident handling Phantom 4 even those who have never had to deal with the quadrocopter, says chief Executive officer of the company DJI, Frank Wang. — We dreamed that someday we will be able to think more creatively to engage with quadcopters. And now the day has come”.

The system of recognition of obstacles Phantom 4 includes two forward-facing optical sensor to scan for obstacles and automatically twisted the aircraft around such obstacles. If the system determines that the device to circle around the obstacle, it stops and hangs until task a new direction.

Thanks to the active tracking 4 Phantom opens up new possibilities for users of DJI Go app on iOS and Android. Technology allows you to monitor the camera and focusing it on the desired object as you move the drone simply by touching the subject on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. To obtain high-quality images, such as moving runners or cyclists, simply enable the active tracking in the app.

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The cost of a DJI Phantom 4 is $1400. Pre-orders for the device will be accepted from 1 March 2016, the Official start of sales is scheduled for March 15.

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