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Apple has begun exclusive sales of “smart” skipping rope that counts calories and displays the number of hops “in the air”

The range of the online Apple store sometimes appear quite unusual offers. This week the company has started selling a “smart” skipping rope that counts the number of jumps.

Unusual property of Tangram Smart Rope is an opportunity to demonstrate the number of jumps right in front of users “in the air” during exercise.

The numbers appear due to the built-in rope of LEDs, the position of which is tracked during the exercise. In addition to hop count, the novelty is also able to display the number of calories you burn. The switch display is located on one of the handles of the rope, so that the switch can be directly while jumping. On the “indicator” there are 4 numbers that are clearly visible even in bright room.

A “smart” device equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter and all data is transmitted to the smartphone in the Smart Gym. In addition to the number of hops the app shows calories burned and total training time.

The cost of Tangram Smart Rope Factory in the Apple Onliner is 89,95 euros (about 6500 rubles). Apple promises to deliver accessory within 2-3 weeks from date of order.

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