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Apple has banned VPN-ad-blockers in third-party applications

Apple changed the policy against ad blockers in the App store. According to developers, the company no longer receives updates for blocker VPN for Safari and third party apps.

The developer of such popular applications like Adblock or Weblock, explains that Apple has stopped to post updates on the basis of article 4.2 of the App Store Developer Guidelines.

“Your application, its functions and content should be more than repackaged web site. If it is not useful, is not unique or in fact is not an application, it has no place in the App Store. If doesn’t hold any entertainment value or just creepy, it can be rejected”.

Most likely, the deviation ad blockers VPN is connected, paragraph 4.2.1, which States that APIs and frameworks should be used for their intended purpose. The company does not believe that ad blocking is a direct appointment of the VPN certificates.

“Applications should use the API and faworki for the appointment and specify this integration in the description. For example, the HomeKit framework must provide services for home automation; and HealthKit should be used for applications related to health and fitness, and should be integrated with “Health””.

Adblock or Weblock is a very popular iOS app: the first scored over 1 million downloads, the second 750 000. As reported, Apple has explained the refusal to publish updates to the official change in policy regarding ad blockers, using a VPN.

Because the rules are officially changed, it is now possible to use ad-blockers only for Safari using Safari Content Blocker.

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It is noteworthy that Apple did not remove existing apps from the App Store, but only said that it would no longer accept updates. However, whether there will be similar apps in the store in the future, is unknown.

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