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Apple has banned the Chinese to copy the design of the iPhone 6

On 4 July the Bureau of patents and trademark United States has issued Apple a patent for a portable mobile device with a touch screen. As seen in the image, the California giant is protected from copying the design of the iPhone 6. After obtaining a patent on the appearance of the smartphone, the manufacturer has another trump card in the fight with the rogue Android competitors.

The application was registered on 22 September 2016. According to the schematic description, almost the entire front panel of the device placed under a 4.7-inch screen covered with protective glass. Above the display is earpiece and camera. At the bottom is the only control Home button. On the left side of the iPhone 6 – two buttons used for volume control, on the right there is a key lock screen.

The patent shows a schematic image of the “six” from different angles. The application featured links to other materials, including those that appeared after its submission during the review.

Among the authors of the invention includes the design Director of Apple Jonathan Ive and other employees of the company.

iPhone 6 debuted in the fall of 2014 and is a seriously updated model of the smartphone. Along with it the company first announced the Plus version of the gadget with a larger display.

Will Apple patent for the design of the iPhone 6 in the struggle with competitors, only time will tell. But the fact that patent activity in our time is of great importance, is beyond doubt.

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