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Apple has banned the Chinese to copy the design of cylindrical Apple Store, which was developed by Steve jobs

Fake iPhone or an iPad you can surprise few people, but in China went on local businessmen to actively open up a fake Apple Store. A few years ago in China a network of shops which completely copied his signature style interiors Apple stores, even the staff walked in distinctive blue shirts with logos of American companies.

Apple has decided to deal with this unexpected form of piracy very specific way. A few years after the registration of the application, the company received a patent for a glass cylinder, which is the distinctive feature of the Apple Store in Shanghai. In document number D732,188 S described the construction of cylindrical shape.

“Each glass piece is rectangular and has two long sides extending in the height and two short sides, – describes the design of the Apple store. – Each glass piece forms a rounding when I look at it with either of the two opposite short sides”.

Shanghai Apple Store looks like a glass cylinder, staircase which leads into the space located under the ground. In the design of retail outlets was attended by the founder of Apple Steve jobs.

It is noteworthy that Apple has been granted exclusive rights to the appearance of the glass cylinder store and a joint project is made of glass structures and buildings that are now almost as recognizable as the products created by the company from Cupertino.

The design of the Apple Store is one of the main components of the success of Apple retail stores. In just one quarter last year nearly 100 million people have purchased products from 424 outlets American corporations around the world. The manufacturer of iPhone and iPad gets more profit per square meter of its facilities than any other player on the retail market in the United States.

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Last year Apple patented the design of the famous Apple store on Fifth Avenue in new York.

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