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Apple has banned the Chinese to copy the design of AirPods

Counterfeit iPhone and Apple Watch you can surprise few people: in China, carefully copy each new created by the team of Jonathan Ive. In November, China released headphones, created in the image and likeness of AirPods. The device, made by a local company, reminiscent of the design of the company’s Apple earphones and comes with a case for charging.

Apple has decided to combat this form of piracy very specific way. This week, the company registered a patent on his new wireless headset. The patent, entitled “Wireless audio output device” describes the appearance and design of AirPods and also cover the battery, which charges the battery headphones.

Outwardly resemble traditional AirPods EarPods, except for the lack of wires. Form of “droplets” are almost identical. Within each fit Apple’s W1, accelerometer, battery, Bluetooth module, proximity sensor. In the document, Apple describes the method of communication headphones with each other, with the charging case and the sound output device.

As you know, AirPods connect to Apple devices automatically. In one of the illustrations in the patent, the company specifies the button through which you can create a couple of devices from other manufacturers.

Chinese clone AirPods headphones

The design of Apple products is one of the main components of their success. And the new AirPods definitely fit into the aesthetics of the company. However, to secure that other companies would take up, nobody can. It is hoped that a new patent will protect Apple from borrowing her design finds in the AirPods.

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