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Apple has attracted to combat leaks the best experts of the FBI and the NSA

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Record of briefing against leaks, conducted for employees of Apple with representatives of the security service of the company, became public. It became known that the Corporation essentially has its own “intelligence service”, which involved veterans of the real — that is, the state — security services.

Apple has attracted to combat leaks the best experts of the FBI and the NSA

A briefing held in June, was called “Stop the leaks — to Maintain confidentiality in the Apple”. As reports Cnews, the company has created within its own “intelligence service”, inviting the experts in a real special government agencies, including the national security Agency, the FBI and the Secret service of the United States, and the military.

Briefing the presentation was held under the direction of David rice, global Director of security, Lee Friedman, global Director of investigations, Jenny Hubbert, an employee of the division of training and communications division of global security.

According to this presentation, Apple has attracted specialists in internal investigations, whose main objective is to prevent leaks of information about new developments of the company. This information should not get either to competitors or to the press or bloggers or on the black market.

Apple has attracted to combat leaks the best experts of the FBI and the NSA

Increased secrecy is an integral part of the Apple since, as the company in 1997 he returned Steve jobs.

“Surprise and delight when we present to the world a new development, which is not flowed out. This has a tremendous influence in a very positive way. This is our gene pool. This is our brand. But when leaks occur, the impact is even bigger. This is a direct attack on all of us,” said Jenny Hubbert.

To prevent leaks and created their own infrastructure and team of competent professionals.

According to Hubbert, the unit for global protection of trade secrets is now an important part of the entire supply chain of Apple.

Most of the problems with leaks from Apple in the recent past had factories in China, which produces components for its devices. Workers endured beyond the perimeter of the components — first, body. For example, in 2012, reporters came corps has not yet released iPhone 5.

Apple has attracted to combat leaks the best experts of the FBI and the NSA

But journalists are only one aspect of the problem. Industrial spies, working for Apple’s competitors are literally “grazed” workers of factories, which manufactured parts for the company’s devices, obkleila all the neighborhood leaflets with promises of good money for successful offsets. Given that the average salary of a worker on the production line of Apple is $350 a month (not counting bonuses), want to earn extra money enough.

At some stage a group of workers managed to bring out about eight thousand buildings, hiding them in bras. Individual spare parts carried in the shoes tossed over the fence, down the toilet –in order to then remove them from the sewage.

Stolen parts often ferried in huaqiangbei area, one of the largest markets in the world of electronics, located in Shenzhen in southern China. This market involves about half a million people, and its turnover reaches $20 billion a year.

Apple has attracted to combat leaks the best experts of the FBI and the NSA

In 2013, the company Apple bought 19 000 stolen casings of the iPhone 5c, yet to be announced, and then another 11 000 buildings after the announcement, but before the start of sales.

“We bought them with the maximum possible speed, so as to protect them from all the bloggers in the world,” said rice.

In the year following its inauguration in 2012 — new Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) announced that the safety need “to strengthen by half”. Then team rice start consistent leakage control in factories, and it had good consequences.

“In 2014, we stole the 387 buildings. In 2015, stole the 57 buildings, of which 50 have “leaked” the day of the announcement, which was especially painful. But in 2016, the company produced 65 million cases, and only four of them were stolen. It turns out, the share of losses amounted to one to 16 million, unheard of for the industry results,” boasted the rice.

Now more issues caused the Apple campuses in the USA. For example, last year the company was caught two employees who are actively leaking information to bloggers — and not out of malice, but only out of the gab.

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