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Apple has asked the FBI to tell how they hacked the iPhone of terrorist

Speaking recently on CNBC, the well-known programmer, founder of McAfee, John McAfee said that Apple is unlikely to be happy when he finds out who and what method will help the FBI to crack an iPhone 5c, belonging to “the San Bernardino” said Farouk. These words were said immediately after the U.S. justice Department asked the court to postpone hearings on scandalous business “Apple vs the FBI” because intelligence agencies have found a way to access the data in the memory of the smartphone without the aid of the company. On Tuesday, we will remind, it became known about the successful completion of this “operation”.

Previously, the FBI was required to assist her to gain access to encrypted data, but Apple refused to do so. It is assumed that burglary was engaged in the Israeli company Cellebrite, but this is unofficial information. According to The Los Angeles Times, now requests to disclose information voiced in the Apple: the Corporation strives to find out from security services how they managed to circumvent the insurmountable defense iOS. The lawyers of the iPhone maker of trying to find loopholes in the law by which they will be able to obtain information from the FBI.

In official comments from Apple stating that, as before, the company will continue to assist law enforcement agencies in their investigations, but at the same time will raise the security level of their products to withstand attacks on personal data “are becoming more frequent and sophisticated”.

“From the beginning we have opposed the demands of the FBI to create a backdoor for the iPhone, as they were confident that this was wrong and that it would set a dangerous precedent. As a result of the government’s decision to dismiss the case nothing like that happened. This case never should have been,” said Apple.

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Note that some experts don’t believe a California Corporation, and believe that Apple itself has given intelligence agencies the tools for hacking the iPhone, but did it behind the scenes.

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