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Apple has announced a new TV app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Apple TV is becoming a multiscreen, said at the presentation of new products on Thursday, the head of the company Tim cook. The device has become a single application to view all TV content.

Apple today unveiled a new TV app for finding and watching TV shows and movies from multiple applications on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. TV provides access to all TV shows and movies in one place and allows you to find new interesting content to watch. Apple also introduced a new feature for Siri to work with Apple TV, which allows you to tune in to live broadcasts of news and sporting events in a variety of applications. Watch TV shows and movies on Apple devices has never been so easy.

The main features of TV:

  • Watch Now (Look now). In this section, users will find their collection of shows and movies from iTunes and apps. From the section of Watch Now (Look now) viewers can navigate Up (Next) or Recommended (Recommendations) and choose what they want to see.
  • Up Next (Next). This is a list of current shows and movies, including the newly purchased or rented in iTunes in the order in which the user is likely to want to watch them. For example, if the viewer has finished viewing one issue, next issue will automatically be shown in the beginning of the list Up Next (Next). There will be added to all new releases as they appear. The user can at any time ask Siri to continue watching and instantly continue where he stopped.
  • Recommended (Recommendations). Users can explore the collection of recommended and trending shows and movies, including hand-selected curators Apple, and browse the content of a category or genre, for example, films for children, science fiction or Comedy.
  • Library (Media Library). Viewers can access all your collection of movies and TV shows that they bought or rented in iTunes.
  • Store (Store). In search of a new content users can look into the store, where they’ll find not only the latest releases of iTunes, but also excellent materials from video that they have not used or are not yet signed.

TV application designed for installation on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. They are constantly synchronized, so start watching on one device, the user can easily continue from the same place where he was staying, at any of your Apple devices.

Setup for live broadcasts using Siri

Now you can easily include live broadcasts of news and sporting events on your Apple TV. Siri receives information on current sporting events from different applications, so you can simply ask: “Watch the Stanford game” (Including the Stanford game) or “Which games are on right now?” (What games are on right now?). Siri has more information about the games may report a current account and connect the viewer directly to the live broadcast of the game in the application in which it is conducted. Viewers can also tune in to the live broadcast, just to name the application name, such as “Watch CBS News” (Including CBS News) — it does not need to open the app and search for the live broadcast.

Single sign-on in a television app

In addition to the new app TV, U.S. buyers have yet another handy feature — single sign-on application of pay TV. From December to subscribers of DIRECTV, DISH Network and other services it will be enough time to log on on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad to get instant access to all apps within a subscription on pay TV.

Tim cook noted that Apple TV already available 8 000 applications and 2,000 games and 1 600 applications from videoproviders movies, TV shows, sports events and so on. Among new features the game Minecraft in a version for consoles.

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