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Apple has agreed to acquire ownership over 4K content in 2013

Apple planned to license 4K video in 2013, according to a report published by WikiLeaks. Resource posted about 276 000 internal documents stolen from the servers of Sony Pictures Entertainment during a hacking attack on 24 November 2014.

From reports that Apple two years ago was negotiating about getting 4K content produced by Sony. In documents appear the signatures of the Vice-President of the Corporation of Internet services eddy cue and former employee of Jim underwood. At the moment videos in such as Apple doesn’t provide, and therefore the existing management of the company is something prevented.

In 2013 Apple and Sony Pictures almost signed a contract for the supply of the latest content in “super-high” resolution. The agreement is meant to provide a Japanese Corporation of movies and TV shows in 4K for sale via iTunes, and to stream by means of Apple TV.

Analysts find it difficult to name the reasons that conceived the “Apple” company has not been realized. It is likely that the terms of the contract offered by Sony Pictures did not accept the leadership of Apple. Previously, however, the resource BuzzFeed citing sources close to the company, wrote about the doubts of the American giant computer electronics in the timeliness of this format. “4K is an excellent standard, but it is still in its infancy.” — quoted edition of one of the top managers of Apple.

Perhaps for this reason, if you believe the insiders, Apple TV fourth generation won’t support 4K video. For men, purchasing now 4K TVs in the hope of expanding the range of such content in the near future, limiting the functionality of the new Apple TV will be a big disappointment. On the other hand, to add support for 4K budget-based set-top box, the price is now reduced to $69, would be illogical. For example, the Netflix service currently supports 4K but the video with this resolution it is very limited.

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Undoubtedly, Apple pays great attention to the television market, and support for 4K is not the main issue. The company agreed to cooperate with HBO, talks about working together with a number of channels, including Fox, ABC, CBS and plans rumored to announce in June own television service to broadcast at least 25 channels. The new service, possibly, will begin work in September.

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