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Apple has again drawn criticism from developers

Apple is kind to brand the App store and carefully moderates all of its contents. The company implements automated mechanisms to detect inconsistencies in the rules of the virtual showcase and blocks offenders.

Last week, Apple included a similar mechanism, forbidding developers to edit the description of the app after you download it in the App Store. To make any changes, the developers offered to download a new version of the application. The change caused outrage among developers.

After a few days this restriction was lifted as suddenly as it appeared. Apple announced that was not going to enable locking mechanism of editing and it was a system failure. However, many developers have considered the incident a test of strength.

The fuss has forced Apple to disable the controversial mechanism, but its very existence suggests that in the future Apple will tighten the requirements to work with published applications and their descriptions.

Apple is not the first time recently criticized by developers. The company has previously said it would start to remove applications that use services to upgrade the firmware to bypass the App Store, which also angered the creators of the apps. Moreover, the company just put programmers before the fact: in the newsletter Apple says that code should be removed from applications, otherwise it will be removed from the App Store.

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