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Apple has added satellite images Apple Park and the “Theatre of a name of Steve jobs” on Apple Maps

New Apple campus Park should open next month, and the company has recently updated its mapping service Apple Maps, with detailed description and satellite image of the headquarters. According to rumors, in the auditorium the name of Steve jobs included in the complex, can take place the announcement of the new iPad models.

When prompted to “Apple Park” the new campus is not always the first result, but now it is present among other options. Prior to the upgrade of this building was not on the map.

It is worth noting that the satellite image does not match the last eurovideoart made using a drone. For example, there is still not fully installed solar panels on the roof of the main structure. In addition, satellite imagery is no landscaping of the site. Theatre named after Steve jobs also noted on Apple Maps, but without any description.

In addition to the images on the map, a detailed description of Apple Park from Wikipedia. The exact address is not specified, but the user can get directions to places by selecting the appropriate option.

Additional information includes a link to the website and marked “Headquarters company”.

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