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Apple has added a phased update distribution feature in the Mac App Store.

Since the release of iOS 11, Apple has provided developers with the opportunity to distribute app updates in the App Store in stages. Now the corporation has implemented this feature in the Mac App Store.

Apple has published information on the App Store Connect website that developers can now distribute application updates for macOS in stages. Automatic application updates will be implemented over a seven day period. In this case, on the first day, the update will be available only to 1% of users.

Here is how Apple explains this feature:

“Now you can gradually distribute your application update for macOS using the new feature in App Store Connect. The update will cover more users every day for 7 days. ”

Below is a graph of user reach when using the gradual distribution of updates:

Day 1 – 1%;
Day 2 – 2%;
Day 3 – 5%;
Day 4 – 10%;
Day 5 – 20%;
Day 6 – 50%;
Day 7 – 100%.

Detailed instructions can be found at App Store Connect website.

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