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Apple has abandoned many of the principles of user interface design, the designers claim

Apple in recent years has abandoned many of his principles of designing user interface in iOS and OS X. this was told by two professional designer don Norman, and Bruce Tognazzini the article for Fastcodesign.

According to experts, five of the “most important principles” is now “largely or completely absent in iOS”. They listed the important aspects, which currently lacks a mobile platform Apple.

  • clarity – when all the possible actions in the interface are visible immediately;
  • feedback and prediction – to create the function, purpose and operation of which is obvious immediately;
  • return – the ability to undo mistakes or return to a previous step;
  • consistency – use the same gestures on all platforms and hardware;
  • encourage growth – encourage people to learn more complex things as they master the basics.

Norman and Tognazzini note that now Apple is violating many of the principles of design by Dieter Rams — the man who invented what may be Apple, for several decades before Jonathan Ive first turned on my computer. The concept of functional simplicity continue to inspire the current generation of design purists. According to the authors, Apple took only one principle, Rams – good design is as little design – and rejected nine others.

In defense of Apple is to say that the company is constantly working on improving the interface of their OS. So, in iOS 9, the company has corrected one of the deficiencies described by the designers, adding a Back button to quickly return to the previous application.

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