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Apple hands out free award-winning puzzle FRAMED

Once a week Apple chooses a popular app in the app Store and makes it temporarily free. This time in the framework of “App of the Week” the best appointed award-winning narrative puzzle game FRAMED.

By and large, the funniest game you can not miss, even if you are neck-deep in work – what else can be said about the weekend. But, now perhaps best FRAMED to see – if you for some reason did not.

FRAMED in front of you a box with several video elements. Your task is to assemble these pieces so that the protagonist (by the way – small and unlucky thief) with no problems moved from point a to point B. the Occupation is very fascinating and pretty quickly understanding what was going on (requires basic understanding of non-linear editing), you will own hands to make a movie.

Sometimes it is difficult – especially if you have chronic problems with spatial imagination. But any mystery you want to solve and go on, and all because of the great atmosphere of Noir detective 40 years.

Download FRAMED from the App Store at this link. The review of this game can be found here.

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