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Apple had the idea to use the selfie to unlock smartphones

Patent portfolio Apple added document describing a new way of unlocking mobile devices. The patent was granted this week the Office for patents and trademarks of the United States.

We are talking about technology intended for use in iPhone and iPad. The document entitled “Low threshold face recognition” (Low threshold face recognition) describes the possibility of locking and unlocking of the portable device based on facial recognition. Apple suggest to use a special mechanism, are able to reduce the impact of lighting and biometric distortion function”.

In other words, Apple proposes to use the front camera for obtaining a still image of the user and comparing the images recorded in the database samples. In case of a match, the lock will be open, otherwise the system will deny access.

Such a mechanism is called Face Unlock feature was implemented in the operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but was not sufficiently reliable. Apple engineers have found a way to improve the stability of the work function.

Apple’s patent also describes means for automatic locking gadgets. It is expected that iPhone or iPad will automatically take a photo, and if the persons authorized user will not appear in the shot (or shot several photos in a row), the device goes into lock mode.

It is not known when the patented technology will be implemented in smartphones and tablets Apple, and how it would work well in comparison with similar development Google.

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