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Apple had an ally in the face of Intel against Qualcomm

In the early years Apple refused to pay royalties to Qualcomm for using the patented innovations of the latest iPhone, and she appealed to the international trade Commission (ITC) to ban import of “Apple” smartphones in the US.

Now the iPhone maker appears an ally in the largest American chip maker Intel, because Qualcomm’s licensing practices are not satisfied and this company. It is known that some versions of iPhone are equipped with modems Intel, so the latter not only has the experience of competing with Qualcomm in this area, but interested in continuing in iPhone shipments in the North American market.

In a statement, Intel said that Qualcomm uses the administrative resource to put pressure on manufacturers through the suppliers of components, limiting the availability of the required products in cases where the manufacturer of the mobile device is not ready to pay Qualcomm royalties. Even if the final product has no components of Qualcomm, the company requires royalty payments for patented design.

With the ability to access to the development of Qualcomm’s competitors, the company is also not all is well. Intel felt that even willing to pay the client may be “objectionable”. Processor giant also claims that Qualcomm has long pushed back from its contracts with Apple, promising the latter to reduce the amount of royalties in exchange for a commitment not to mess with a competitor.

The complaint ITC will be considered in August, and a hearing will be held next year.

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