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Apple got 92% of the global profits of the smartphone market

Thanks to the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple managed to increase its share in the revenue in the global smartphone market to a record low. Samsung, by contrast, has lost its position.

Estimated investment firm Canaccord Genuity, Apple received in the first quarter of 2015 92% operating world of profit from sales of smartphones. Although the number of sold gadgets “Apple” the company takes only the fifth place. Last year, Apple boasted indicator in 65% of profits.

Samsung was in second place with 15% of all profits. Thus, two producers gathered more than 100% profit. The reason is that most of the other smartphone manufacturers, which in the world there are about 1000, worked at a loss.

Despite the fact that Apple is less than 20% of the smartphone market, the company is able to maintain the high cost of its products, and it ensures much bigger profit compared to Android manufacturers. So, last year the average cost of the iPhone was $624 compared to the $185 “phones”. And in the first three months of 2015, the average iPhone selling price increased to $659, and their sales grew by 43%.

According to Strategy Analytics, now in the smartphone market presents more than 1,000 companies. And some of them, including Xiaomi, with little or no profit from the sale of their smartphones, while living by selling related accessories, services and applications.

Apple isn’t going to stop. As reported last week, in the fall, the company ordered from suppliers production of 85-90 million next-generation iPhone.

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