Apple Glass production launch dates known

Smart glasses Apple Glass is one of the most discussed topics of recent days in the IT space. It turned out that their announcement was just around the corner. Blogger Jon Prosser claims that their announcement will take place later this year. He is echoed by sources from the Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes.

Apple Glass production launch dates known

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DigiTimes sources have confirmed that Apple is going to introduce Apple Glass at the fall event along with the iPhone 12. But they do not rule out the possibility that the coronavirus pandemic could put Apple on the agenda. And even if Apple presents smart glasses in September, they will not go on sale until next year.

The start of mass production of Apple Glass is scheduled for early 2021. Initially, production volumes will be small, but gradually Apple will begin to increase them. It is not yet known which of Apple's partners will be responsible for the assembly of Apple Glass. But, most likely, the order for their release will go to either the Foxconn contract manufacturer, or Pegatron or Wistron.

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