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Apple gave the participants of the campaign “Shot on iPhone” photo book featuring his best shots [video]

In the spring of last year, Apple opened on the website gallery of photos “Shot on iPhone” and started to hang out in many cities is a camera in their flagship smartphones. The gallery presents the work of photographers from around the world – USA, Australia, France, Scotland and other countries. All photos taken on the iPhone camera.

Photographers, pictures which were in a series of “Shot on iPhone”, I received the photobook with the best photos. The gift, which would be glad for every smartphone user. As conceived by Apple, the best moments of travel, the most vivid impressions and just loved the faces in colorful and high quality design will be for many years to please iPhone users.

The photobook is called “Gallery”. Last year she was painted white and came with a pair of white gloves for careful handling with the publication. This year the book is black and has several hundred pages.

Note that last year Apple received the Grand Prix in Cannes for the advertising of “Shot on iPhone”. The main prize went to the company as “the embodiment of ideas in a visual way, and the idea of the placement.” To fully understand the extent of the achievements, just remember that Cannes lions is considered the most prestigious international advertising festival. Until recently, the assets of the California giant was one of the last 30 years award. It dates from the year 2013 — then a promotional campaign, Apple acknowledged best in the category “Press”.

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