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“Apple” Frankenstein: the experts Chipworks have studied the insides of the iPhone SE

Apple traditionally does not disclose the detailed specifications of their new products. However, thanks to the efforts of specialists from Chipworks, we now have detailed information about installed in the new iPhone SE components.

Experts have confirmed that Apple equipped with Apple’s A9 processor with a serial number APL1022 as the iPhone 6s. These modules are produced at the facilities of Samsung and the Taiwanese company TSMC. Also SE is used in the iPhone RAM from SK Hynix, he was probably talking about 2 GB of LPDDR4, as a top smartphone company.

On the motherboard chips discovered Broadcom and Texas Instruments BCM5976 343S0645, they were used in the iPhone 5s. New 6-axis gyro InvenSense has inherited from the 4.7-inch flagship. IPhone 6 compact smartphone went modem Qualcomm MDM9625M, audiocopy with numbers 338S00105 and 338S1285 from iPhone 6s.

Codes on some components indicate their date of production. In result, we found out that the processor is dated August-October 2015, memory – in December, the Board gathered in January of this year. Display the iPhone SE the same as the iPhone 5s components are completely identical.

“The genius of Apple and its fearless leader Tim cook is the ability to choose the right components to create successful products. To find the right balance of old and new, to offer such a low price – quite a feat,” noted experts Chipworks.

Recall that sales of the iPhone SE will begin in Russia next Tuesday, April 5. All retailers at the start of sales has set the same prices for a novelty: the model with 16 GB of memory will cost 37 990 rubles, and the 32-Gigabyte version will cost 47 990 rubles.

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