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Apple forgot about the iPod’s birthday

The lineup of iPod music players was 15 years old. Device maker Apple has ignored the anniversary the branded MP3 player, which began the era of the modern “Apple” of the company and a revolution in the minds of the mass consumer.

Apple iPod dedicated a page on its official website, no press release, no tweet. The company never indicated memorable date, thus showing a complete lack of interest in the devices, the popularity of which is declining recent years.

“Steve jobs does not notice this event: he is too busy or communicating with the tech angels in heaven of the future, or mourning your cute iPod on one of the circles of hell, the flames of which supports Samsung Galaxy Note 7,” wrote Gizmodo.

23 October 2001, the founder of Apple demonstrated the first model of the iPod which launched the iconic lineup of the players. The device had 5 GB of memory and weighed 185 g – six times more compared to current iPod nano, available in 16-Gigabyte drive. IPod 15-year-old was not support for USB and all the content is transferred via FireWire, absent on most PCs and is standard on the Mac.

In fairness I must say that Apple can not be called sentimental. In 1996, a former employee of the company addressed to Steve jobs with a proposal to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Apple. To this he received a laconic response:


Apple looks to the future, not the past.

– Steve

Sales of Apple went into decline after the release of the iPhone in 2007. According to Statista, in 2014 it was sold to 14.38 million iPod vs 26.4 million a year earlier, and 35.2 million in 2012.

Two years ago, Apple stopped manufacturing the iPod Classic, retaining only line of iPod Nano, iPod touch and iPod Shuffle. In 2015, the company stopped publishing information on the volume sold mp3 players.

“No, Apple didn’t forget the 15th birthday of the iPod. They just decided that they would not advertise the device to which you want to quietly get rid of,” wrote Twitter Ronnie of Velter.

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