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Apple forbids companies to give out free iPad and iPhone

Apple released guidance for third-party companies, which explained the procedure of how to do a promotion using their own products. One of the items prohibited to distribute iPhones and iPads during promotional campaigns.

The rules came into force in spring 2015, but became aware of them only now. Apple representatives say that the company’s products, especially iPhone and iPad, often used in various promotional campaigns. Thus a third-party company, using the famous “Apple” brand, strive to promote your own goods and services, according to Apple. Now such actions are officially prohibited.

Gifts to customers in the form of Apple products are allowed only in case of prior agreement with the manufacturer, in other cases, companies risk large fines.

In the guide Apple notes that allowed for the purpose of advertising exclusively iPod touch provided that will be ordered not less than 250 devices. Devices American brand should not be associated with the word “free”.

In addition, Cupertino forbade the companies to use the Myriad font in advertisements and on packages. This font is Apple began using as a primary in 2002. All text information, which accompanies the release of such products as iPod Photo, iPod 5G, iPod Nano (1st and 2nd generation), processed using our own modification of the font is Podium Sans (with a characteristic writing the letters “M” and “Y”).

It is noted that third-party companies have the right to advertise only the latest version of Apple’s mobile devices, their images should not contain inscriptions or extraneous images.

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