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Apple for the first day were sold in Russia, 1500 Apple Watch

On Friday in Russia started official sales of the Apple Watch. In re:Store promise to sell the first batch of wearable devices during the week. According to “Kommersant”, at the moment Russia officially imported to 20,000 Apple Watch, and on the first day of the network could carry up to 1,500 hours.

Sales of the Apple Watch started at ten in the morning on Friday, July 31, at the official online store of the Corporation, the Apple Shop in the store, as well as in the salons Resellers — re:Store, C-Store, iPort: only about 20 outlets in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Before opening point in the Central Department store at the entrance gathered a few dozen people. “Literally five minutes after opening the Apple Shop there was already a crowd”,— told “Kommersant” one of the sellers.

The cost of the Apple Watch in the official retail and reseller starts from 24 thousand rubles for a model with a sports strap to the body length of 38 mm and up to 79 thousand rubles for a model with block stainless steel strap. Given the fluctuations of the ruble, the price of the Apple Watch right now is practically the same as in the US, said the Manager, familiar with the Apple business. According to one of interlocutors familiar with the situation, in the first official party of the Apple Watch could be delivered to 20,000 devices. Another source adds that the delivery quantity is less, but the order of something like this.

The most popular model among buyers Apple Shop in the Central Department store in the first hours of sales became the Apple Watch Sport 38mm strap with sports colors space grey $ 24 000. This model has become the most popular based on sales and re:Store.

The number of sold smart hours from Apple in the first three days of sales of the company and its Resellers do not open. “Based on the size of the party Apple Watch for retailers and point the Apple Shop in Department store sales for Friday and the weekend can be 1-1,5 thousand devices that the market for “smart hours” very prominent figure”,— said the chief editor of Hi-Tech Anton Spiridonov. “The sales results are quite optimistic. Apple Watch normally sold — commensurate with what we expected. Overall interest in the product,” said Tikhon Smykov. According to him, re:Store in the next week will sell the first batch of the Apple Watch.

In the C-Store in the first hours of sales it sold as much of the Apple Watch, but in its time the iPhone 5s at the start of sales, said the representative of the retailer Maria Zaikina. The sales results for the weekend in C-Store yesterday evening did not disappoint, but the results of the first two days of sales happy.

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