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“Apple” flea market: the best prices for Apple equipment

The opportunity came to buy an iPhone two times cheaper than in the store. Here and now sold by the perfect original iPhone 14 500 rubles. Under the cut options and models.

To buy an iPhone in the store now is very expensive. You have to choose a loan and to be slaves of the banks. Or not?

For the best iPhone have to go to a special website ads. The storefront is iPhone 6s over 49 000? Here be sold for 30 000 roubles, in perfect condition.

On the Apple flea market ladies sell you can find any Apple gadget or to sell your: iPhone 2G tube to a modern MacBook Pro. The prices are twice cheaper, excellent condition, proven sellers, there is an option to bargain. It is always more advantageous than a loan or a new.

To make it easier, here are the most interesting proposal. Including for those who are not yet ready to buy the iPhone 7. Watch alternative save.

1. iPhone SE 16 GB

Condition is close to perfect. Includes: headphones, charging cable, documentation, stickers, glass and 3 case. Any possible checks!

Price: 26 000 RUB, mark

2. iPhone 6 16 GB

Also a good option. In excellent condition, full set, receipt, box, headphones, documentation, and charger with cord.

Price: 23 000 RUB, Elena Titova

3. iPhone 6 64 GB

And this is quite a neat fellow sells 6: excellent Condition. From the first days of the case and the glass on the screen. Two cover still a gift given!

Price: 27 000 rubles., Sergei

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4. Samsung Galaxy S6

Thought we have only Apple equipment? As it is not so! The boxes opened, the rest would not budge, condition is perfect. Full set, just no headphones.

Price: 15 000 RUB., Vladimir, Klyushnichenko

5. iPhone 6s 16GB

The seller no longer need this smartphone. The citizen bought the iPhone 7. Fully loaded, 5 months old, in box, sealed. There are a couple of covers as bonus.

Price: 30 000 RUB., Vlad Filatov

6. iPhone 6 16 GB

Complete kit (documentation, clip, Lightning cable, power adapter) perfect condition. The screen is covered with reliable armor – protective glass and case.

Price: 23 000 RUB., AndyBee

7. iPhone 6 128 GB

Full set, smartphone in excellent condition, only slightly rubbed rear panel. Color – space grey.

Price: 40 000 RUB., Catherine

8. iPhone 6 64 GB

And here it is almost a rarity iPhones with iOS 8 on Board! Change to iPhone 6S or 6S Plus memory not less than 64 GB. Ready to exchange?

Price: 100 RUB, Max

9. iPhone 5s 16 GB

And this person sells iPhone 5S 16 GB. Boasts absolutely a full set. Smartphone in excellent condition. Still a couple of covers will fit!

Price: 14 500 RUB., Vladislav

10. iPhone 6s 16GB

And here they sell your 6s with a full set, in excellent condition. Smartphone still under warranty until December 14.

Price: 34 000 rbl., Sergey

11. iPhone 6s 128 GB

And this fellow is willing to buy the iPhone 7. Good condition, American, repair was not complete. Have to take, not yet purchased!

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Price: 40 000 rubles, Sergei

12. Apple Watch Sport 42 mm

Cool addition to the iPhone 5s, just recently, Apple Pay included, you can enjoy! In excellent condition, fully furnished and gift: wrist strap red.

Price: 19 000 RUB., Brendan

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