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Apple filed another lawsuit against chip supplier Qualcomm at $145 million

Apple filed a lawsuit against the American chip maker Qualcomm in Beijing intellectual property rights court. On Thursday, reports news Agency Reuters.

In the lawsuit Apple requires Qualcomm to pay damages of 1 billion yuan ($145,32 million) and accuses the company of abusing a dominant position in the chip market. Also cupertinos filed a second lawsuit in which they accused Qualcomm for failure to fulfill their promises related to the licensing of patents.

Qualcomm is a major supplier of chips for Apple and Samsung, these companies make it 40% of its revenue.

Qualcomm has not yet seen a complete list of claims from the “Apple” giant, but I think that in this way Apple wants to pay less for technology of Qualcomm. The chip maker is not going to leave without an answer to the claims with charges of anti-competitive behavior, but has no plans to terminate the business relationship with the iPhone maker.

January 21, recall, Apple filed the first lawsuit against Qualcomm in U.S. district court for the southern district of California, seeking payment of the $1 billion In its lawsuit, Apple accuses Qualcomm of unlawful refusal to provide discounts in response to Apple complaints to regulators in the U.S. and other countries.

Sources close to Qualcomm, saying that the company is considering filing in response to a counterclaim, whether in USA or in another country, and also will try to seek dismissal of the lawsuit Apple.

Previously a lawsuit against Qualcomm filed a Federal trade Commission United States because of the intended use anti-competitive tactics to maintain its monopoly in the key market of chips for mobile devices.

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