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Apple figured out how without problems to clean headphone Jack in iPhone 7

Experts and analysts believe that Apple decided to abandon the use of the standard 3.5 mm headphone Jack in the iPhone 7. To connect wired headsets to use the Lightning connector, in addition, it will remain possible to use set with a traditional connector with an appropriate adapter, and Bluetooth headsets.

Signs of withdrawal from audio Jack in the iPhone is really a lot. This week Apple received a patent on the original technology for headphones that support both wired and wireless connections with mobile devices.

At first glance, nothing special in these headphones there on the market are similar solutions presented are many. A distinctive feature of Apple devices is a built-in buffer memory, which allows not to break the audio stream when switching from one type of connection to another. In addition, when disconnecting the wires the headphones automatically synchronized with the iOS device via Bluetooth, wifi or NFC.

Smartphone understands that the headphones in wireless mode are the same headphones, and wired so that the start of the audio transmission does not occur. This approach completely eliminate the delay between the start of playback and will not require re-pairing with the headset in the case, if the user decided to disconnect the wire and use the wireless mode.

Experts attribute the emergence of the patent with the intention of Apple to abandon the standard Jack in the iPhone 7 and will be limited to Lightning interface. One connector can supply the user with a choice: charge your smartphone or continue communication via the headset. This problem, and must cope with new technology.

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It is worth noting that Apple, like any other tech giant, patent many of their inventions, but they do not always reach the stage of commercial product.

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