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Apple figured out how to turn your iPhone into a full-fledged laptop

Apple has patented innovative accessory that allows you to turn the iPhone and iPad in the likeness of a MacBook. Mobile device in case laptop play the role respectively of the touchpad and display.

According to the developers, the notebook will have its own computing power, all this rests on the iPhone or iPad. The case is just a screen with keyboard and additional battery.

Portable docking station for iPhone will get a display (touch probably), a full-sized keyboard and a discrete graphics card. The smartphone can act as a trackpad, but when using the iPad tablet replace the screen. In the second case, also an additional processor.

As the shell material offers the aluminum, which makes it even more similar to the MacBook.

It should be noted that this modularity was tested by ASUS in the line of Padfone. The manufacturer suggested smartphone and two docks, which have consistently turned the device into a tablet and a laptop.

The Apple experiment in this direction is limited to MacBook Pro c touch panel Touch Bar, which separately meets the operating system watch OS. Cupertinos filed a patent in September of last year, but it is unknown whether they implement it in the near future.

It seems that Apple is looking for the path of development for tablets, sales of which reduced the last three years. Perhaps the next generation iPad will develop this idea or suggest something else.

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