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Apple figured out how to interest the users to Pay Apple

Apple found a way to attract new users to the payment system Apple Pay. The company will give everyone a gift card denomination of $ 5.

Now when users make purchases in Apple Store employees will offer them to use Apple Pay. They not only help in setting up a contactless service, but will make a nice bonus card iTunes $5 at £5. Use the tools will be possible after you make your first purchase using Apple Pay.

A bonus of $ 5 will be available for any purchases of the Apple Store, including accessories, Apple products or iTunes gift cards/Apple Store.

In a similar way to attract clients already use other credit and debit cards, stores can also return the money spent. The system of “cash back” allows buyers to get back a small amount for use of the card or making a purchase.

Apple Pay already works in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Singapore, and Switzerland. This week’s payment service has launched in France and Hong Kong. To use the system in Russia with the help of third-party services.

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