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Apple figured out how to increase the autonomy of the iPhone without increasing the battery capacity

Previously received information that Apple is developing its own chips for battery management. As it became known, the company is also working on special software that optimizes the consumption of “Apple” devices.

Recently the manufacturer has registered a patent “Adaptive extension of battery life” (“Adaptive battery life extension”, ABLE), which describes methods intelligent battery management for iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

At the moment iOS has a special power saving mode that can be activated if the battery of the iPhone or iPad is almost running out. In contrast, the technology will be ABLE to work automatically by analyzing user activity, battery usage and a history of previous charges. Based on these data, the download of streaming video or system update may be pending to extend the operating time of the device.

The technology is ABLE to determine that the user is at work or watching a movie, and depending on this, to optimize battery consumption. Thus, the energy management system will be able to adapt to the specific user and his habits.

In the Apple document indicates that the technology will be able to track, not whether the device overheats during use and recharging. This would prevent the situation with the explosions of the batteries. The patent was filed in November of 2015, well before the situation with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and smartphones from the market because of spontaneous combustion. Also will be ABLE to check the quality of connection of gadget to the charger and their compatibility.

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