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Apple: features Live Photo and “Hey, Siri” do not send data to our servers

Apple in an interview with TechCrunch talked about the politics of privacy in relation to the iPhone 6s. As stated in the company, features a Live Photo and “Hey, Siri” do not send users ‘ personal data to the cloud server and store content only on mobile devices.

“Live photos” Apple handled as well as other pictures and videos on your iPhone. They are fully encrypted. Pictures Live Photo leave the gadget in only one case – when the user decides to share them with your loved ones through the Internet, the company said. Live Photo records 1.5 seconds up and 1.5 seconds after the user has pressed the shutter of the camera.

“Although the Live Photo mode camera all the time, “writes” the information in the device memory saved only 1.5 seconds that pass before the snapshot is stated in the Apple. – Removed previously not stored on the device and is not sent to the remote server”.

In other words, Live Photo mode smartphone is constantly recording, but saves on the iPhone only 1.5 seconds before and after pressing. Everything else is removed. This mode is enabled by default, but the user can disable it, by clicking the orange icon Live.

Voice function iPhone 6s allows the device in the background to listen to the surrounding sounds and activate voice assistant by using the phrase “Hey, Siri”. Analysis and processing of voice data in such moments is performed directly on a mobile device, said at Apple. Voice requests come in to the company server only after you activate the voice assistant. In this case, the user requests are not associated with his Apple ID – smartphone creates an anonymous identifier.

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