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Apple fans said that they hate the most in the company’s products

It is no secret that Apple’s most loyal users. Samsung produces a lot of different devices, simultaneously making fun of Apple fans that, in its opinion, will you buy any “Apple” products. Nevertheless, create the same loyal audience Koreans have not.

Actually, Samsung has never hesitated in their promo video is critical go through the Apple products. But whether the owners of “Apple” devices will buy any gadget manufacturer? Or will sing the ode of any new product? Indeed there are a handful of fans ready to buy anything on the back panel adorned with Apple, but most people are quite pragmatic.

This week on Reddit there was a topic with a discussion of the shortcomings of Apple technology. Fans of the company expressed that they don’t like “Apple” devices. In this section, often talking fans, who discuss in detail each new company. This time more than 1000 participants expressed their discontent against Apple.

Below are examples of what users don’t like the company’s products:

“The design of widgets in iOS – g***”.

“I hate it, looks like Space Grey. Moreover, Apple has 50 shades of Space Grey for each product line. Designers, decide it already!”.

“It’s terrible that I can’t copy music from your iPhone to your computer. What if something happens to my computer, and all music will be only for iPhone???”.

“Apple Watch is not very good. I have them and I use them every day.”

“Apple’s decision to remove the group notifications”.

“Touch Bar – worst thing ever done by Apple. Perhaps it should be in the MacBook, but definitely not the MacBook Pro. This is a cheap chip that HP used in the early century.”

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“Apple should be ashamed of the Apple Watch Edition. The interaction of people and technology is what makes a company a company and not silly overpriced fancy stuff”.

“Given the price that Apple is asking for its products, it too restricts the ability of users. From the truncated functionality of iOS to upgrade to the limited MacBook. Sometimes I think I’m only allowed to play with toys”.

“I hate the Mac App Store. Last free or cheap apps are expensive. I also do not like that the software for Mac is becoming more and more minimalistic. Design is more important than functionality. But the majority of fans that seem to like it, otherwise app would not be so successful.”

“AirPods are horse money. At the same time you can’t even adjust the volume without Siri is horrible. People praise them far more than they deserve.”

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