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Apple fans in a few hours sold out all the candles with the smell of a new Mac

The company Twelve South, which specializes in the production of accessories for Apple, released candle new Mac computers. The first buyers of the New Mac happy Candle aroma wax novelties.

If you have ever bought something from Apple, you probably remember this unusual, but quite pleasant smell that wafts through the room when you open a brand new box. If for some incredible reason he’s forcing you to buy a new iPhone, iPad or MacBook — now for you there “medicine”. The company Twelve South, which produces accessories for iPhone and Mac, has released a candle that smells just like you just unpacked the Mac.

The perfumers were able to capture the unique aroma of plastic, which can be felt only on Apple products. Oddly enough, according to user reviews, the smell of candles is quite complex: notes of peach, Basil, lavender, Mandarin and sage. But overall it really reminds svezheraspilennaya computer.

The combination of smells nice in itself, so no need to be a loyal Apple fan to enjoy it. The candles are molded by hand from a hundred percent beeswax. Order “New Mac Soy Candle” on the official website of the manufacturer at a price of $ 24 each. The first batch of candles sold out in just a few hours, the closest arrival is expected next week.

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