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Apple fans have released a vintage-the docking station for the Apple Watch in the style of Macintosh.

Apple watch, which is not only lazy, could look very different if they were released 30 years ago. Clearly, then, technology was different, and to achieve the current miniature and functionality of the wearable computer would be difficult. A team of fans of “Apple” products decided to make a “smart” watch Apple Mac Classic, released 32 years ago. So there was vintage Doc Elago Stand W3.

Of course, this is a kind of parody of the Macintosh to create a device used silicone and technologies like 3D printing. But still, the project has turned out rather curious. Placed in this dock, Apple watch can show time or a screenshot from your old Mac.

W3 Elago Stand is available in several colors and is compatible with all models of the Apple Watch.

Out came a very cute and portable dock for smart watch Apple. The main disadvantage of the current execution is electronic device, namely mode Night Stand in watchOS: when turning the clock on the screen shows the current time, but after some time display turns off automatically.

However, the authors put the top five for the idea and, perhaps, will think about it in her own realization, the good we have something to experiment with. By the way, is the product is quite inexpensive – $14.

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