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Apple failed to take the brand in the Philippine MyPhone smartphone manufacturer

According to the newspaper CBNnews, Filipino body regulating the use of trademarks in this country, found that Apple has no right to demand a ban on the sale of the country’s smartphones under the brand my|phone. The world’s largest Corporation was suing a local manufacturer of mobile devices Solid Broadband.

The story begins with the fact that Solid Broadband last year decided to officially register the trademark my|phone, which they have used since 2007. Under this brand to date has published over 40 different models of smartphones.

However, according to Apple, the brand my|phone “close to the point of confusion” with the iPhone, so of the Philippine company had to abandon the use of the brand and re-brand all of its products.

“Two of the brand is really very easy to confuse”, – commented on the lawsuit with Apple.

The lawyer Solid Broadband said that to confuse my smartphone|phone with the iPhone only on the basis of the similarity of the sound of the name is impossible. He pointed out that only in 2007 – the year of the presentation of the first iPhone they have released three phones under the brand of my|phone.

The court ruled that Apple has no right right to require the company Solid Broadband abandonment of the trademark. The American manufacturer has a month to file an appeal with the aim to review the decision of the court.

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