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Apple faces iPhone users with jailbroken criminal liability for illegal wiretaps Apple Music

On Tuesday, Apple has opened access to the new Apple Music service, which the company called “revolutionary music service”. Along the way Apple changed the user agreement to accept anyone who chooses to use the service. It seems that many did not read the rules use the Apple Music and immediately clicked the “I accept”. Although it has a number of interesting points.

Apple, of course, knows about the jailbreak and the opportunities offered by this procedure. Therefore, in Cupertino just say “in civil or criminal liability in case of unauthorized access to Apple Music.

“You agree that you will not attempt to access the Apple Music Service any other way besides using the software provided iTunes for access to the Apple Music Service… You agree that any way and in any form will not modify the software and to use modified versions of the software for any purposes including obtaining unauthorized access to the Apple Music Service. Security violation of system or network may result in civil or criminal liability”, – stated in user agreements.

Among other points of agreement Apple Music stands out: to use the service only 13 years old; the music is impossible to listen to outside of Russia; when connecting Apple Music automatically becomes available iCloud photo Library feature from cloud storage to 100, 000 songs; connect Apple Music can only be on up to 10 devices; however, only 5 of them can be computers. Finally, Apple does not allow any way to record the tracks that are playable in Apple Music.

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Apple Music has earned in Russia on June 30. The first three months of subscription will be free, then $ 169. You can also make a family subscription for 269 rubles (for a maximum of six relatives) who will receive unlimited access to Apple Music from their devices.

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