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Apple extended up to 3 years free of charge, replacing swollen batteries of the Apple Watch

Apple extended the free repair of the Apple Watch is the first generation who have had problems with the battery. In the context of guarantee service of devices the company undertakes to replace swollen battery, even if the warranty on the smart watch has already ended.

Even the most reliable and proven system can fail, and expensive, and time-tested gadgets sometimes fail. That some owners of the Apple Watch there is a problem with the battery. In particular, the power supply is blown up, squeezing out from the housing front panel for a smart watch. Reports of this appear on the forums in the Network, including the Apple support website.

As according to the publication 9to5Mac, the company is aware of the problem with the Apple Watch. And although Apple has not officially launched the program of replacement batteries, the company extended the warranty period of hours with bad batteries from 1 year to 3 years. The program was launched two years after the presentation of the first-generation Apple Watch, which debuted April 24, 2015.

Typically, the battery of the electronic device swells due to improper flow of a chemical reaction, which is accompanied by gas release and pressure increase. This battery case is deformed. In March, we wrote about a similar issue with the Apple Watch readers MacDigger.

Tellingly, in the Russian service centers free of charge to fix problematic Apple Watch refused, noting that “this is not a warranty case”, as the watch is in use for more than a year and that just to change a swollen battery will not work. The user has offered to ship the Apple Watch in the United States and instead to issue the same new, for 17 000 rubles.

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