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Apple explained why the iMac won’t get touch screens

In addition to the radically redesigned Mac Pro before the end of this year Apple is going to release professional and iMac. Contrary to the expectations of some analysts, the monoblocks will not get touch screen.

Apple does not specify what will be the configuration of the new iMac, but has indicated some of the features of the candy bars. In particular, the model in 2017 just do not get it touch. As stated by the Vice-President of worldwide product marketing, Phil Schiller, touch input does not need users, they’re more interested in other characteristics.

“No, Schiller said. – Touch screen is not in the top ten of things most interest to professional users. They are interested in things like performance, capacity and the ability to upgrade”.

Previously, Phil Schiller stated that Apple will never release laptops with touchscreen displays. He noted that there is no sense to turn a Mac into an iPhone, because “these devices work perfectly in the environment for which it was created.”

Although this statement is contrary to some decisions of the company. For example, in the latest generation MacBook Pro, aimed at professional users, there is an additional touch panel touch Bar. Thus, users have the opportunity to interact with the computer and the interface elements of the OS not only the usual equipment such as keyboard and mouse, but with touch.

However, Apple still considers that macOS does not need optimization for touch screens — this platform needs to work optimally with a keyboard and mouse. Schiller and in the past has said that the unification of macOS with iOS would be a waste of effort. Many times however, Apple has revised its Outlook on things, so don’t completely rule out such a possibility in the future.

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