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Apple explained that the letters “SE” in the name of the new iPhone

On 21 March a presentation of the iPhone maker was marked “less is better”. Apple chose hall for 300 people and the event itself took only an hour. The main innovation was the compact SE smartphone iPhone with 4 inch display.

Many users and journalists could not come to a common opinion, what do the letters SE in the model name. Views were expressed very different: it was assumed that it means “Sverhsekretnye” (Super Encrypted), “the model Meaningless” (Senseless Edition), “Hidden” (Super Elegant), “Version for Steve” (Steve’s Edition), “still expensive” (Still Expensive) and others.

Chief marketing Apple, Phil Schiller decided to end these disputes and to place all points over “i”. It turned out that the letters of the hidden phrase SE Special Edition (“Special edition”).

The main external differences from iPhone SE iPhone 5s is a new color palette represented in the color “rose gold”. On the rear panel of the gadget is marked with a marking SE. In other colors the device can be confused with the iPhone 5s.

Journalists who managed to hold the smartphone in hand, share their first impressions: “Now there is a compact smartphone that I feel the power”. According to them, iPhone SE is a decent machine, which obviously will not expire within one year.

iPhone SE will be a great option for users looking to upgrade your fifth-generation iPhones on a device with a similar screen size.

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